Hiring Morons and Adsense Spam.

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If you are an adsense spammer you will take heart from the fact that some google adsense/adwords staff wouldn't recognize spam if you hit them on the head with it.

Recently we found that the number of clicks reported in the google adwords reporting area for the content network and the number of entries in our log file for pagead2.googlesyndication.com did not tally. Further investigations revealed a large number of entries from a certain website. On visiting their site our ad was being shown. We do not wish to advertise on this site and promptly added it to the site filters for all our campaigns.

The ads continued to be diaplayed on that site and we continue to get clicks from that site. So I decided to contact google and tell them about it. We recieved a canned response about how we should add the site to our filters!! Naturally I was annoyed and retorted that this has already been done. The same moron then replied that we should add the site to all our campaigns.

That message can be excused since this particular googl employee is so obviously a moron. What cannot be excused is this statement:

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