Uploading Silver Bullets

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Rad Upload is a feature rich file uploader. But it's not a silver bullet.

Occaisionally we have people downloading Rad Upload without a proper understanding of what's needed to make use of it. They always seem to seem to think that it will upload even to misconfigured servers.

Many of users in this category attempt to use FTP but they are clueless about what FTP really is. They firmly believe that Rad Upload should send files through firewalls that block FTP connections. What's worse sometimes we see people who just open up port 21 and then think the firewall settings are ok. A little knowledge as they say is dangerous.

One such customer, who orderd Rad Uplaod Plus kept barraging us all this time with a series of emails, which we patiently answered but unfortunately he didn't understand what was required and simply failed to grasp that uploading involves both a client and a server and both need to be set up properly. In other words he is blaming problems with his server on our applet.

Now this same person forwards an email that he has sent to a journalist criticising our product. That's just great. There is no such thing as bad publicity. Since the mail just contains a bunch of outright lies we will be able to either sue the publisher or ask them to publish our own version not a bad deal at all.

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