FC5 torrent

2006 March 23 at 03:09 » Tagged as :broadband, javascript,

Finally completed the download for FC5 DVD image. It took little less than 2 days. Though the upload started off very slowly, the speed gradually increased during the evening. Evening coincides with the start of the day in Europe and night time in Colombo is daytime in the US. As more people started to download more sources became available.

My ADSL line has 512kbps upstream and 128 downstream. At peak performance the download went at about 50KB per second and it doesn't get much faster than that.

Though I allocated the full upstream to azureus most of the time, I have so far contributed only 850Mb. So like the good netizen I am, I will keep azureus running for a while longer.

Now have to burn the DVD but I will not be able to make use of it until Monday. That's cause I am flying off to Thailand later today. This is my first visit abroad for 6 years. And I am looking forward to it.