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Rad Upload 3 (Beta) is finally here. It's long overdue and that's putting it mildly. We planned to release it in time for Christmas, it never happened.

So what's exciting about Rad Upload 3? Well it can now be embedded into an HTML form. What's that? In the past if you needed to upload thousands of files and if you wanted to gather some input from the user you needed two pages. One of the pages would hold the HTML form where user input is gathered. The second page would hold Rad Upload which as you know can be used to upload virtually infinite amounts of data. Version 3 allows both those pages to be combined.

If the applet is placed on a web page that already contains an HTML form, when files are dropped on the applet, it will gather the data from the form and combine them with the files to create one single multipart message. The form does not need to be submitted separately.

Another interesting feature is the ability to que up the files before upload. If you want to upload files from two separate locations on the hard drive you can simply drag and drop from the first location to queue the first set of files. Then drag and drop from the second location and hit the send button to start the upload. If by some chance you find that one of the queued files should not be uploaded , you can remove them just as easily.

Last but not least comes the feature change that relates to client side image resize. The first improvement is that it runs a lot faster than in the previous version. The other change is that you can now specify the JPG compression level yourself.

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