Rad Upload, Javascripts and IE patches

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Rad Upload version 2.22 has just been released. It might seem strange that we have released version 2.22 just after 3 beta was made available. It had to be done because of two bugs in other peoples products.

It would probably not be accurate to call the latest IE patch a bug. It's better to label it as a joke. It seem funny that IE would not automatically activate an applet (or flash) on loading (The user needs to click it to activate). It's relly rediculous that the same applet would be activiated if the HTML that loads it is dynamically generated by an external javascript.

So the HTML that loads Rad Upload has been changed, by simply cutting and pasting it into a different file which is then included into the main file. Obviously it does not involve changes to the applet itself.

The Safari bug does call for a change in to the Java code. Safari seems very reluctant to the create a JSObject. If you look at the article on Java - Javascript interaction on this site and try the demos, you will probably see that they work pretty well on Safari. Unfortunately almost almost identical code didn't work for some Rad Upload users. Investigation revealed that the blogs are full of complaints about JSObject and Safari.

For Rad Upload Version 2.22 we decided to overcome the Safari issue by using getAppletContext().showDocument(); instead of JSObject. showDocument() is called with a javascript:uploadCompleted() as the url.

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