Wiki Back from the dead.

2006 April 24 at 09:54 » Tagged as :web 0.8, javascript,

The Wiki on this neck of the woods has been dead for a long time. Dead since August. It died because of a heart failure caused by an violent reaction against a new version of PHP. No amount of medication seemed to work. Actually the fault lies with the quack, the quack was too lazy and too incompetent to do a proper diagnosis.

Recently voices were heard from the grave where the Wiki was buried and a socerer was called in, the saucerer is actually the quack himself in a different robe. To be fair to the quack, he has to spend too much time concoting varius brews, so there isn't enough time to bring back a dead wiki.

After several attempts, the most recent of which was in January. It as finally realized that the wiki needs to be brought back to life. It's urgent intervention is needed to clear up a log jam.

After hours of witch craft it turns out that the solution was trivial. It's a caused by a fundamental property of HTTP POST, which the quack should have remembered almost immediately with out mucking about.

The POSTS were being sent to wiki?title=..... while it reallly should have been sent to wiki?title=..... though there isn't much of a difference when it comes to HTTP Get. There is a world of difference when it comes to Post (because POST data is not carried along when the browser redirectS).