Ruby on Rails and Fedora.

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Ruby should be made to ride the rails but having got the bit between my teeth, I wanted to see it to completion, that is I wanted to install ruby on rails and write something more substantial than a hello world, to see if this is anything more than just hype.

Installing Ruby on Rails means having to install fastCGI. But I wasn't too keen to break by apache instalation but fortunatly came across something called lighttpd. Lighttpd can be installed using yum and fastCGI can also be installed the same way. Ruby on Rail does't look worth the trouble installing anything from source.

Heck lighttpd looks more interesting than Ruby on Rails. At least the authors seem to be aware of the existance of '{' and '}' something that cannot be said about Ruby.

After about another dozen steps. Ruby one Rails install has completed. Howver, I am not sure if it has been succesfully installed. Ruby on Rails doesn't seem to have an equivalent of a phpinfo() function.

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