Log Mine 0.03


Log Mine version 0.03 has been released. It comes just one week after the release of version 0.02 but a new release is warranted because of significant changes.

The most important change is that the guesswork involved in importing the access log files into the database has largely being eliminated. In the previous versions the splitables.php script would produce an sql dump which had to be manuall imported by the user into the database. With the new version the import is automated.

Version 0.03 also supports automatic processing of multiple web log files. The previous version the user had to rely on unix pipes to process multiple files. Last but not least Log Mine can now distinguish between files that have been gzip compressed and files that are uncompressed.

As for bug fixes the new version fixes the bug in the version 0.02, that caused the incorrect number of days to be displayed for February. A harmless by annoying mysql warning that we seen when the data was imported has also been eliminated.

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