Rad Image


Rad Image is a project that would (and should) be categorized as Abandonware. But that is about to change.

Rad Image was project that I started off on late 2002 and abondoned in the first quarter of 2003. The primary reason that it had to be abandoned was because all of my time was taken up by Rad Inks. There were other reasons as well.

Despite having learnt java as long ago as late 1996, I had not done any major work with it. Though I had kept in touch by writing the occasional program off an on , it wasn't my language of choice. My language of choice since 1998 (or so ) has been PHP. So Rad Image was kind of 'get rid of the rust' project and because of that I experimented a bit and made a few mistakes. In hindsight one of the biggest mistakes was going overboard with design patterns.

The reason that Rad Image stayed as abondonware for so long was because I was too lazy to correct the mistakes i had made (Don't forget that lazyness is a virtue for a programmer). Now however the time has finally come to take a fresh look because of my interest in the RAW file format for digital photography.

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