Adwords spam and click fraud.

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Google doesn't take click fraud and adwords spam sites seriously enough. That's the only conclusion that can be reached from the recent court case. Here are some links:

All these articles say that click fraud amounts to about 1.2 billion but only about $60 million is being returned to the advertisers. To be fair by google, they have probably paid out a large chunk of that $1.2 billion to the site owners where the ads are hosted. For that reason google is not in a position to pay a larger sum of money to the advertisers. But then google should take complaints about click fraud and spam sites more seriously.

My own recent experience is outlined in the posts titled; Google contradicts itself. and Hiring Morons and Adsense Spam.. Basically I had to sent about a dozen mails before they acknowledged the issue and stopped ads appearing on the site which I complained against. Did I get any refund? no.

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