No more black and white.

2006 June 1 at 05:29 » Tagged as :photography, ror,

My 300mm lense has finally given up on me. The wesak weekend was spent at Great Western, there I shot about 500 photos, only about 1/3 of them can be even remotely considered acceptable. It seems to have lost it's sharpness, if you switch to manual mode and try to focus at infinitely you find yourself wanting to turn it a bit more.

Need to buy a new lens. Another 300mm is out of the question, I have been drooling over the Nikkor 80-400mm for a long time, so one (second hand) on the sunday classified, owner is looking at Rs 150,000+. A Sri Lankan family can live for a whole year for that price and I need to buy a Macbook. Besides 80-400 is a bit short at both ends. It will mean constant lens switching. Lens switching, leads to dust on the sensor.

My D70S now has a sensor that's covered in dust, so I wrote to the guy at Poto technica about it. He has either quit or being fired, mail was returned.

My FM10 has been idling for a while so I decided to load it up with a black and white film. Seegals studio in Battaramulla has B&W film. Or they used to have it until now, not any more. So I just took out the camera and shot some photos with out film, to get rid of the cob webs. Then shot off about 200 shots at my nephew's first birthday party with the D70S. Shot Jpegs instead of raw. The parents wouldn't know what to do with Raw.