Secure FTP Applet Update

2006 May 26 at 22:52 » Tagged as :security, ror,

How time flies, it has been nearly an year since we released Rad SFTP version 1.60. There wasn't a new release since then primarily because it works and works well. There are only so many features that you can add to a file transfer program.

The SFTP applet when it was first released was a novelty. At the that time if you suggested using a an applet for file management people looked at you in a funny way. I like to think that it's our SFTP applet that paved the way for many of the others, including our own Rad Upload.

A version that is one year old does tend to show it's age so we added a couple of new features and released the first beta for version 2.0. These new features on their own doesn't really warrant a jump from 1.60 to 2.0, but when combined with the speed improvements and updates to the backend library, the large jump in version numbers is justified.

All current Rad SFTP license holders can download version 2.0 free of charge.