Certificate Renewal.


It's that time of the year when the Rad Inks code signing certificate has to be renewed. Unlike domain names which can be renewed at any time of the year, code signing certificates can only be renewed during the month before it's expiry.

Last time this was done it turned out to be a painful process. I see that Thawte has not added any new documents since then. Fortunately I know of a good source of information. This site. Last time, the certificate was renewed I blogged about it extensively and that came to my aid.

This time I started off by backing up the existing keystore and making a fresh one. Into this store went a new key with exactly the same information that is found on the existing certificate. Then I generated the CSR and sent it to thawte for siging.

Now for code signing certificates Thawte automatically makes the PKCS format available for download. Rather it's the only format that's available. This was imported back in and viola, I have a new certificate that can be used to sign the applets.

If you have downloaded any of the Rad Inks applets and you haven't signed the applet with your own certificates, please visit the site and download the latest version of whatever product you downloaded. If you don't you will find that the certificate has expired. That in itself does not effect the functionality of the applet, it's just a matter of keeping the end users happy.

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