SLT listed in Spam Cop.

2006 June 7 at 23:13 » Tagged as :broadband, anti spam, ror,

I sent someone a mail a little while ago and it was returned. The mailer daemon at the remote end said the outgoing SMTP server was listed in spamcop. That had me worried.

Then I realised that the mail was actually sent through the Sri Lanka Telecom mail server rather than mine. I get DSL services from Sri Lanka Telecom. The uplink is supposed to be 128Mbps but you never get even one tenth of that. As a result when having to send mails with attachments, I am forced to use their mail server rather than my own.

Sure enough, which now resolves to is listed on spamcop. What's really shocking is that SLT has been listed 15 times during the past one year. Then again, it's not really suprising.