A full circle

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The other day I blogged about a new look to the website. What powers the new look? Wordpress. Yes, the same wordpress that I swore to keep away from.  But then there really isn't anything that's much better. Wordpress is the best of a bad lot.

After spending at least 40-50 hours looking through all the worpress themes and plugins to see if I can make them behave the way I want and make them appear the way I want my site to look like, I was utterly frustrated and on the verge of giving up all together, then I thought why not change the code? Well guess what it took me less than an hour to hack the old blocks theme (which powered the old version of this blog anyway) and a couple of plugins to get the exact behaviour that I want.

In the previous version of this site, wordpress powered only the blog. The pages or articles were powered by home brewed HTML  which had become unmanageable. Let  me hasten to add that the home brewed PHP pre dates wordpress , MT and even the term blog by a few years.

There is still some work to be done, the pages still exist as physical pages, these have to be imported into the wordpress system and the 0ld pages deleted. Seems it's never ending.

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