About the site with the LAMP


The site is mostly about Linux, Apache,mySQL and PHP and related technologies. It was started in 2000 and except for bursts of activity now and then, it has mostly been forgotten. The site is  also the home of several open source projects including Mega Upload, which used to be a  top 1% project at sourceforge but is now sadly neglected pretty much like sourceforge itself!

This site is largely the work of Raditha Dissanayake who functions as Chief Software Architect at road.lk. At the moment road.lk is a crowd sourced traffic alert system and also helps you shame bad drivers.

Raditha spends some of his spare time on various open source projects and several of them are currently listed on sourceforge.net. But in recent years spare time has become a rare commodity and most of these open source projects are now almost abandoned. If Raditha ever gets around to working on any new open source projects you can bet that they will end up being listed on github.  But in the meantime Raditha does blog when he feels like it and you can read it right here. He used to be very active on twitter as @e4c5 but like most early users of twitter has become bored with that platform.