Android 4 on VirtualBox

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Yesterday's attempt to install Ice Cream Sandwich as a guest OS on VirtualBox didn't quite work out. I kept digging and came across a a post on that's geeky where the blogger had attempted to build a VM starting with the Android sources. Well apparently that blogger's day job doesn't involve computers at all, no wonder he can afford to do that sort of thing. Fortunatley this guy had placed his VM online to spare the rest of of merely mortal geeks the hassle of going through all that. The only catch is that his VM didn't work for me either.

[ 6.008455] init: Timed out waiting for /dev/.coldboot_done [ 6.017664] Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!

There were many suggestions on the web but one that seemed plausible was to chmod and chown the init.rc file But instead of doing that I looked for other images and found one at buildroid. Guess what? same error.
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