Asp.Net in 24 hours.

2016 Dec 7 at 01:10 » Tagged as :csharp,, django,

Now it's time for the die hard Django fan to learn ASP.Net. Once upon a long ago, around the time that Asp.Net was born I worked with a guy who had practially every single Microsoft certificate they had on offer. We were constantly arguing about which is better PHP or ASP. Those days PHP was crap (and now it's worse) but it was still a whole lot better than ASP. So much so that when my friend started out on his own, his shop only dealt with PHP and refused to touch Asp or ASP.Net. Now things have come a full circle. 

Yesterday, I made an attempt to learn C# in 24 hours. Heck it didn't take 24 hours, mostly because the language is a lot like Java and the parts that are not like java seems like C++ or python. As Thameera pointed out in a comment yesterday, it's been having Lambda's for years.

Having learnt the basic stuff, I even wrote a bit of code. It was to parse a CSV, transform it and load it into an SQLite database. Of course I know how to load a CSV directly into SQLite (I generally prefer sqlitemon for this rather than the command line interface). But this data set needed some transformations, beside the whole point is to write some code!

Apparently System.Data.Sqlite isn't available for Dot Net Core, you need to use Microsoft.Data.Sqlite and the latter is sparesly documented, but no fear, it seems to be compatible with the former.

So on to Asp.Net , let's hope to finish it by this time tommorrow