ATS 7 Trouble Continues

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Colombo Stock Exchange recently upgraded to version 7 of their Automated Trading System, a software shipped with show stopping bugs. I have already mentioned how the CSE no longer records all transactions. I have also explained how you would place an order and find that it's not in the order books but the order gets executed anyway. Well, there's more.
Stock Prices On the 29th of february
Stock Prices On the 29th of february - with errors.
Notice once again how prices have jumped up on single digit volumes, but wait, that's a feature added to aid manipulation not a bug. To see the bug look closely at the second line in the table. Notice how SIGV has the same value for open, high and low but the closing value is different? Only one share is reported as have been traded. That means all four of Open, High, Low and Close should be the same. In actual fact, SIGV traded twice on the 29th, first at 84.80 and again at 84.40. Till now, when the CSE failed to record all the transactions it left the high and low fields blank, but now CSE is giving false information which is probably worse. Curiously there are still empty values in their price list. You can download the archived price list and check it yourself.

indices as shown on CDAX This is CDAX

DirectFN indices And this is what DirectFN says the indices are.

Indices on exchange website And what's shown on the CSE home page.

At any given moment of time DirectFN, Atrade, CDAX and the CSE website will give different values for the Milanka and All Share Price Indices. Usually it's not a tiny fraction that you can dismiss as being due to lag or latency (though in this case DirectFN and CSE site have equal values, that's not always the case). The tickers on all trading platforms halt for minutes at a time, and then they keep running even after the market has closed. It's been seen a few times before, but since the ATS upgrade it's been a daily occurrance. Other bugs include: None of the online trading tools show the complete order book. The number of transactions in the 'time and sales' dialog does not match the number of transaction in the summary. Orders are rejected with the message that prices are outside the acceptable range even when they are with in the range.
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