Deadline Due


Writing assignments, essays, thesis etc can be pretty annoying (of course there are people who enjoy that sort of thing but not me). And those nasty reports have to be filled up with plenty of references. Now referencing is a good thing, but the process of creating citations and bibliographies is not fun. So during the last semester I started working on Deadline due.

What the heck is that? Well it's an Harvard Reference generator. Now, you will say hold your horse, aren't there quite a few of them around? Certainly, but with most of them you need to do a whole lot of typing. You need to manually fill up the title of the book , the author, publisher and so on and so forth. With Deadline Due on the other hand all, you need to do is to enter the book's ISBN number. Everything else will be taken care of.

What if yo don't have the ISBN and have only the title of the book? that's fine. you can enter that title and still get the reference generated. You can even enter part of a title and still get a list of references from which you can choose your pick.

The service is still in beta but it certainly is very usable. I used it for my last couple of assignments. And a few others did too.

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