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Finally Firefox was sent into retirement and I have started composing my first post with Google's Chrome Browser. I just hope the retirement of firefox will not be like the retirement of a Pakistani cricketer. My reasons for giving up on Firefox include.
  • Annyoing memory leaks. Of course they will say 'there are no memory leaks', but if you leave FF running for a day or two, you find that it's using around 2GB of memory. The longer you keep if running and the more tabs that you have open the worse it gets. Not only does this slow down firefox itself, but it slows down the whole computer as well.
  • High CPU Usage I don't know what causes it but there are times when FF drinks up 80% or even more of available CPU capacity to do nothing. There is no reason for a browser to need more than 5% of a Core 2 duo processor's capacity to process a web page and that too will be a spike that disappears after the page has been rendered. But what really happens is that processor usage never goes down. As with the high memory usage, this slows down the whole computer and also increases power consumption while reducing the lifetime of the processor.
  • GTK-Gnash I hate to knock open source software but gtk-gnash is just awful

Firefox might still come out of retirement if I cannot figure out how to set a master password for saved passwords. Surely google doesn't expect me to store my passwords where anyone can see them? I also need to find replacement for all the firefox extension that i've been using.

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