Faith Restored in Nokia

2009 June 9 at 13:41 » Tagged as :toast, yui,

Recently, the Camera on my Nokia E71 died. Even though Nokia refuses to admit that it's a known issue, it's something that happens very often if the number of results in google is anything to go by. There was a problem in claiming the warranty because the phone was purchased in the US and Nokia care in South Asia are not authorized to repair phones under warranty if they were purchased in the US!

Fortunately after a few rounds of emails Nokia finally relented and agreed to allow the warranty to be claimed from Nokia Care in Sri Lanka. So finally the phone was sent there yesterday and by this afternoon they had fixed it. What was the solution? To replace the camera. In the end after nearly a month of waiting for them to act, it took them less than a day to fix it. I do appreciate Nokia going out of it's way to accommodate the warranty claim, so unless Siemens, suddenly decide to start making mobiles again my next phone is likely to be a Nokia (again).

I must appreciate the actions of the following people and organizations:

Amazon , who readily agreed to refund the purchase price if the phone was returned. We didn't exercise this option because it wasn't practical.

Nokia USA for agreeing to allow the warranty to be claimed from Nokia Care Sri Lanka.

Kanishka and Tharan - Two customer support executives at Nokia Care Sri Lanka.

Last but not least - my father who bought this phone as a present for me during his last visit to the states, and sent so many emails to Nokia and Amazon to try to get this fixed.