Finishing up Jekyll migration - this time for real

2013 Feb 23 at 13:49 » Tagged as :wordpress, jekyll, javafx,

Yesterday's goal was to finish off the migration from Wordpress to Jekyll (a destination that was arrived at after a long journey), however there still was a couple of sticking points including paginated categories and tags. Thankfully I found a really well documented plugin which someone with only very elementary Ruby knowledge such as myself could understand at

The Realjuenius plugin is a Swiss army knife. It does categories, tags , RSS and includes pagination to boot. By the way do people still use RSS and atom? I see precious few requests for the feed in my log files but the saying is that you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. The rss feed comes at no extra cost, so keep it. Only a few teeny weeny mods were needed to make this plugin behave the way I wanted it to. One is that category names need to be downcaseD and special characters in category and tag names need to be escaped, but these are things that can be managed with my elementary ruby knowledge.

Now comes the most boring bit, working with the design. I am not too keen on preserving the existing design and I am not bothered about changing it either. So I am going to put myself firmly on the fence; adapt Twitter Bootstrap with a UI that looks pretty much like the existing design (which is based on the now unmaintained Wordpress Magallen theme)