Firefox upgrade Broke Your Extensions?

2010 May 7 at 13:27 » Tagged as :xml, javafx,

Did you just upgrade Firefox only to find that your favorite extension is not compatible with the new version? That's usually easy enough to fix. Your beloved extension might in fact be compatible with the new version because Firefox unlike that other browser is mostly backward compatible.  So why doesn't the extension work? Probably because the developer of the extension thought a 3.5 is a better number than 3.6. I kid you not each extension has an RDF file that describes it, two of the fields are the minimum and maximum version numbers that the extension is compatible with. All you need to do is to edit the maximum version number to 3.6.* and there is a very good chance that the extension will be loaded.

For example the Amazon SimpleDB extension resides in a folder named ~/.mozilla/firefox/2f1ex7k8.default/extensions/[email protected]/ and the relevent section of the install.rdf file looks