F#$!king Wordpress

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I am thinking of forking Wordpress. Did you think I meant something else? You have a dirty mind. Wordpress is probably the best blogging platform out there at the moment but some aspects are plain horrible. That's what I want to address. These are some of the specific things that I want to improve change.   1) Ability to deliver pseudo static HTML.

Once upon a long ago blogging platforms could do this (eg the previous market leader MovableType). Since then it gradually fell out of use, but there is a need for it once again because of the availability of services like Amazon S3 means you are able to have a web site without a webserver!

2) SSL Admin by default.

It isn't enabled by default at the moment, it should be

3) Admin on separate subdomain.

Admin has to be on a separate subdomain if you want the pages and post to be available for delivery through S3, the admin should be on a seperate subdomain. If you wish to use cloudflare it's again desires to have this feature because SSL plays hell with SSL.

4) Incremental Export.

If you want to backup your wordress installation you need to export all the posts at once, which is redundant because posts once published are rarely changed. The exporter should be able to dump only the new or modified content.,

5) Multisite by default.

Setting up multisite isn't all that difficult but the documentation and specially comments on third party blogs and websites gives that impression.

Of course you will point out that there 17 plugins that can be used to accomplish each of these tasks. But four of them are unmaintained and three are not compatible with the version of wordpress you are using. Two of them play hell with the other plugins while one adds it's signature to your post footer. So you have to look through all 17 to find the 7 that can be actually used and then pick the best of the lot. All together you need to look through 185 plugins.

I guess I might have to do that if I want to avoid re-inventing the wheel; finding the best plugin and add it to the trunk that is.

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