Flipped the switch.

2014 May 29 at 01:32 » Tagged as :python, ruby, django, jekyll, javafx, gae,

Flipped the switch. Finally. Wordpress has been switched off, as I have threatened to do so many times before and in fact claimed to have done at least twice! But this time it's real. This blog post is being written with the aid of a home made blogging system running on Google App Engine (python). The data is stored in NDB and the editor is CKeditor, with  the comments being powered by Disqus.

So what about the previous claim for switching to jekyll.  Well I did do so for the photoblog and I did do all the hard work for this one as well, but then for no apparent reason the whole damn thing stopped working. 

I couldn't be bothered to find out what caused it, particularly since Ruby isn't in my repotoire. So I said the hell with it and stopped blogging for a few months and then suddenly decided to come up with this system. It's said that the path to Django mastery lies through building your own blogging platform. Well I can well and truely say that I have done that now.

The system hasn't been without a few teething problems. The feed link broke and resulted in a lot of being being sent a bunch of notifications about new posts even when there weren't any (very sorry about that). And there are still a few 404 errors scattered about here and there (these will be fixed soon).