Going to the tweet up with dad.

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The first ever tweetup in Sri Lanka was held nearly a month ago. So why the hell am I writing about it now? and why the hell did I go there with my dad?

@e4c5 and @saadhu
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The answer to the first question is that I am lazy and had plenty of other things to do the past few weeks (Make it the past two months). That's why there weren't any new posts here. Second question: me and @saadhu are the only father and son combination from Sri Lanka on twitter.

Listening to the welcome speech
At the tweetup , Thanks to @mjmmanoj for the photo.

It was a great opportunity associate a face with the tweets , I say that because very few people look anything like their profile picture (for example mine is a pair of Red Vented Bul-buls - which many people mistake for a plane). It was great fun meeting so many great people. Initially i had reservations about going to the event, us geeks are not social animals after all. Then I discovered that many of my best buddies on twitter felt exactly the same. So I dropped everything else and made my way to Cocoveranda where the event was held. It was great fun meeting so many great people. Many of them turned out to be exactly the sort of person I like to associate with in the offline world.

So thanks go out to the organizers of the event. They include @moshanthi, @rebelinpurple , @amisampath , @mack005 , @cocoveranda , @nazly and @udaraumd there were others who helped in various ways. I am sorry if I haven't mentioned you here.