Goodbye wordpress (this time for real) - Hello Jekyll

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The last post on this blog is from Aug 2012. Schedule pressure played a large part in my not writing anything since then is lack of time. The other reason is being sick and tired of Wordpress. Each time you login to Wordpress there is at least one plugin that needs updating. The template now looks really old but changing it is a real pain.

This is not the first time I have been complaining about Wordpress but it will be the last because the blog will be moved to Jekyll soon. Lakshan suggested that move long ago. He made the switch in November and wrote an excellent piece about it. He describes the whole static site to CMS to static sites cycle pretty well.  (please note my comment from nov 2011 on that post)

Not satisfied with Jekyll, laktek has moved onto Punch, a system that he himself wrote and one that has become quite popular (starred by 572 on Github at the time of writing). I will probably stick to Jekyll for the moment because of my aversion to Node.js, but let's get started.


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