Greasemonkey and Jquery Revisited

2011 Aug 26 at 14:07 » Tagged as :macbook, javascript, greasemonkey, guar,

Thousands have geeks have been combining the power of Greasemonkey and Jquery thanks to a small to a small tip published by Joan Piedra which explains how to load jQuery by adding script tags to the web page using Greasemonkey code. This approach was needed because jQuery and Greasemonkey didn’t play nice with each other.


Some geeks still start a new greasemonkey script by cutting and pasting this bit of code from one of their old scripts into the new one. guess what, you no longer need to do that because the @require directive which didn’t work with greasemonkey 0.8/ jQuery 1.4 works well with current versions. That’s right folks Joan’s tip, which was a life saver not very long ago has sadly become redundant. You can just strip out about 20 lines of code and replace it with one line of code.

// @require