Have we been misled about cloud hosting?

2010 June 12 at 16:31 » Tagged as :virtualization, javascript, guar,

Amazon recently announced that S3 support has been enabled in the AWS management console. Sounds great. Except that it doesn't work. Once you click on the S3 tab in the console the process seems to hang. The reason amazon and other cloud hosting companies want us to switch over to the cloud is because it's supposed to eliminate this sort of thing. They have being throwing phrases like Auto scaling, Auto load balancing, Distributed locations and what have you to prove the point.

Shouldn't happen in the cloud.
Now they are blaming us for their own faults!

Those who were patient enough to stare at the semi frozen browser window were rewarded with the above dialog. That's right nothing wrong at their end, we have a firewall issue. Except that in my firewall all outgoing ports are open. Which is pretty much the same for quite a few others who have commented on it.

The truth is that this is not a firewall issue. It's not a scalability issue. S3 can and will scale very well, It's just that someone has written buggy JavaScript and doesn't want to admit it. In the meantime many users will jump to the wrong conclusion and get off the cloud.