JavaFX or JavaWTF

2009 July 2 at 04:25 » Tagged as :lame, ria, javafx, wordbuff,

If developers are expected to embrace JavaFX, at least the compiler should be stable. Unfortunately it isn't.

Note: An internal error has occurred in the OpenJFX compiler. Please file a bug at the Openjfx-compiler issues home ( after checking for duplicates. Include in your report: - the following diagnostics - file /tmp/javafx_err_532302993941075447.txt - and if possible, the source file which triggered this problem. Thank you. /home/raditha/jbproject/FX/f1/src/FileTest.fx:19: VFLGS$0 is not public in FileTest.PGNGame; cannot be accessed from outside package class PGNGame { 1 error ERROR: javafxc execution failed, exit code: 1 /home/raditha/jbproject/FX/f1/nbproject/build-impl.xml43: exec returned: 255 BUILD FAILED (total time: 3 seconds) Well, I am going to file a bug report as they suggest? Most definitely not. For one thing, I don't have the time to search for duplicates and file a report with hundreds of gory details including steps to reproduce the bug only to hear an idiotic developer say, it's not a bug report but something we have done wrong. Then 23 other people have to file the same report and 7 of them have to argue with the said developer before they finally agree to look into it and then release an update four months down the line. I hate M$ but I will be delighted to see SilverLight just bury JavaFX.