2008 Dec 11 at 16:18 » Tagged as :web 0.8, wordpress, tsml,

It seems like only yesterday that I decided not to upgrade to wordpres 2.6.5 - hang on a second it was yesterday! Well that decision is obsolete now with WP 2.7 out and well , i have taken the plunge and done the update - piece of cake really. Wish Fedora updates were as smooth as this.

There was just one very minor issue advanced permalink migration plugin stopped working momentarily. However whent the perlamlinks structures were recreated it started working again. I suspect that has something to do with the db schema for the new version being  different from the old and that effecting the way the plugins' data is stored.

I like the new dashboard but I have started to hate the new version of the visual editor already. It seems to be apallingly sluggish (2.6.3 certainly didn't have that problem) let's see what can be done about it. Amonghts other new features, I like the fact that threaded comments have finally been made into a feature. I looked at more about half a dozen threaded comment plugins before deciding that all of them were too much trouble. The database had what's needed for threaded comments for quite a while, glad to see the code catch up with it.

In other matters, I have signed up with openx - an adserver + ad marketplace. Well the market place really hasn't got off the ground yet but I am not allowed to comment more than that for the moment. I signed up for this because like most geek webmasters, I am disapointed with adsense. What's worse there is a large descrepency between the number of page views reported by analog and webalizer and the number of impressions reported by adsense.  I have tried ot adbrite as well but it seems to be full of scammers. No not adbrite itself. Most of the products and services advertised on adbrite smells like a fishing camp.