More online IDEs (and pretenders)

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Continuing my exploration of online IDEs, here are a few more that I came across:


It's Touted as a service to build a professional mobile website in minutes, but after several minutes I haven't still figured out what it's about. Correct me if I am wrong here, but this looks like a rebirth of old Geocities, Anglefire etc but for the mobiles.


Askshell is another IDE that opened up without any fuss at all. It's geared to build apps with server side javascript. I remember doing that sort of thing eons ago when SUN was the leader in web server software, gosh how long ago was that? I can't even remember the name of that darned webserver. It should be dead. But server side javascript lives on in Node.js (maybe it's the zombie apocalypse)


For a change here is an editor that lets you start writing code without forcing you to sign up. It will even compile and execute C and C++ code for you. What exactly happens to code written in interpreted languages like PHP is not very clear.

codeanywhere and

These two are not related, they just have similar names and similar lack of features, namely SFTP support. Oh and you can lump 'PHP Code Editor' together with these two.


JustEdit is just an HTML, Javascript editor but at least it doesn't pretend to be anything else like the majority of the IDE/editors I have looked at so far.


This is a good editor (again for HTML and Javascript only.)

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