Netbeans, Aptana and Debugging AIR Apps

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It's been a while since Aptana 2.0 came out. I ignored it till version 2.02 was out. As usually happens with most software, what worked in previous versions doesn't work in the new version. Now if this had been with version 2.0, you could have just said someone forgot to do a regression test but not so with 2.02 So what doesn't work? The Adobe AIR debugger. It gets stuck at 'Launching New_Configuration' and this dialog pops up without the air app starting up.

Aptana error dialog

Sounds like a socket error but this is running on localhost and all my ports are open to the local machine. As usual when I run into a problem there is nothing on google and there is nothing on the log file. At this stage I would gladly switch to Netbeans. I use for almost everything other than air. Unfortunatley I never figured out how to use the netbeans debugger with AIR. Couldn't find any howto either. Next I came across a reference to a third party debugger that you can use with any AIR app, regardless of the IDE that you use. It looks like a great project. Unfortunately the developers forget to create some documentation. There isn't even a getting started guide. I am on holiday so I am doing this on my Mac the only options available are to go back to version 1.5 or to wait till I get back home next week.
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