No more nokia

2009 May 22 at 11:22 » Tagged as :toast, lame, ide,

No more Nokia for me. Nokia is to mobiles what M$ is to computers. They sell lousy phones for a hefty prices. I started using Nokia phones only after Siemens mobile finally hung up the towel. The camera on my E71 stopped working with in a month. This is a known issue and widely recorded on many websites and forums including on Nokia's own support forum. Yet Nokia support staff deny that it is a known issue. It's not something that just effects the E71, or just E Series phones other S60 phones are effected as well. Just see for yourself

While denying it's a known issue, they are happy to fix it but the only catch is they want the phone to be sent to the US. Why is that? well my father bought it for me while in the US a little over a month ago. The prices charged by the local agents are atrocious and the E71 like many other Nokias costs about 40% more over here.

Unfortunately neither me nor my father have any immediate plans of a US visit. Claiming warranties from any Sri Lankan company is like pulling teeth so I am not keeping my fingers cross about being able to get this fixed free of charge from the local agents.

This is not my first bad experience with Nokia phones. A 6151 I had sometime ago just fell apart. It's keyboard broke, the power button wore out and ringer stopped working. After that I had a lot of trouble with an E51 as well.

This is in stark contrast to Siemens phones that I used long ago. They were virtually indestructible. I had an M55 which I dropped at least 40 times. I used to throw it up in the air and catch it like a ball. It was supposed to be shock proof. It really was.