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I started looking at what's new in the field of Revision Control Systems and naturally my explorations took me to the field of Cloud hosting. That in turn set me off on another tangent, exploring online IDEs and editors. There are quite a few - too many in fact. Seems like the sensible thing to do is to go through some of them quickly and make a short list for in depth study later. So let's start.

Disclaimer, this post might appear more of a note to self than a real blog entry, so please feel free to skip this post and come back later when I publish a more indepth review.

eXo Cloud Ide.

Once you sign up, they create a subdomain on for you, thehy ask you to provide a lot of details about yourself, but fortunately there is an 'i will do it later' button! When I logged into cloude ide though all I got was the nav bar at the top and no IDE (huge white space where the IDE is supposed to be). This may or may not have been caused by a missing css file. The console shows that a file named CellTree.css is being requested from the server but not recieved. What it means though is that cloud-ide will not be in the short list.

Cloud 9

As they say right there on their site, this is 'For those who want to get started coding quickly on public, open-source projects that you want to share'. I often mind myself toying with new libraries and projects and cluttering up my hard disk, that sort of thing can be moved there. I did clone a project from github but when trying to open the file I get nothing but an ajax spinner.

online PHP

Then there is online PHP, it FTP transfers files back and forth between your server and the editor. Who in his right mind uses FTP?

HTML5 Web Development IDE

Well this one looks more like just a plain old text editor to me.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have here the first online IDE that started up with out any fuss. I just signed in with google and OAuth and hey presto I am presented with something that looks very much like an entry level IDE that you get on desktops. I have already developed a liking for it.

Coder Buddy

Coder Buddy is another IDE that looked interesting at first glance. However it only supports python at the moment (which unfortunately is not in my language list), but certainly worth a second look later on.

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