Pelican or back to Jekyll?

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Pelican, looked really promising. I made more progress with Pelican than any of the other static blog generators with the possible exception of mynt. I even found a Bootstrap template which can be used as a starting point, but still there is that little something missing.

The trouble here is that the article template, which is used to display individual blog posts  seems to combine the post content and the tags all into one. The Article class isn't documented, I looked at the source but it doesn't seem to provide methods to separate  the post body from the tags. Pelican also appears to have limitations on the structure of the permalink.

The obvious thing to do is to fork the project and try to change it so that it behaves the way I want it to behave.  But then, I can do the same with mynt as well. So which one is going to be easier to modify? Perhaps it's better to dump them both and return to Jekyll or punch? Decisions. Decisions.


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