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Now how did I miss Pelican in my quest for the perfect static blog generator? Maybe because it's not perfect either but  certainly deserves to be ranked alongside Jekyll and Punch. Since it's written in Python, which means my religious beliefs are not offended.

When trying to import my blog into one of the static generators, the output from WP to jekyll exporter has always been the input. So that same thing was tried with Pelican but it didn't work out too well. The issue seemed trivial however.  Pelican doesn't like the YAML front matter block in each post. Before trying to create a regext to eliminate it,  I looked around for options and was quite pleased to find that pelican can import directly from Wordpress as long as you have something called pandoc installed. Absolutely kicking myself for not knowing about pandoc till now. It looks like a really useful tool.

However the importer had it's fair share of problems producing errors like these:

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