Project HoneyPot - A honey trap for spammers

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Project Honey Pot - is a service that allows you to track and help catch spammers who harvest email addresses from your web pages. Better still it helps you to keep out comment spammers. I even thought to write a wordpress plugin for it but as happens with many a good idea; someone else has thought of it first! (checkout http:BL ) In order to use the WP plugin or to benefit from the Honey Pot you need an access key. They will provide you with one if you install a spam trap on your website. The trap is a just a simple script. One that doesn't impact your site and doesn't place any undue load on your server so it doesn't cost you anything.

I have installed the 'honeytrap' at (yep it looks like a terms of use page but the bots will see it differently).

Getting back to the http:BL plugin; what it does is prevent known spammers and email address harvesters from seeing your page. But this is not ideal, sometimes there may be rare cases of mistaken identity (after all Most ISPs asign dynamic IPs), It would perhaps be better to allow everyone (even IP addresses that are listed in project honey pot) to visit the site and read the comments but to prevent them from posting new comments. Maybe there is room for another plugin ....

I always talk of writing WP plugins but so far, I have written only one....

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