R In 24 Hours

2014 Aug 7 at 01:58 » Tagged as :r, coursera,

I had prevously made a couple of half hearted attempts to learn the R language without much progress. Then inspired by my own Python in 48 hours and Ruby in 24 hours efforts, I decided to go on a crash course in R today. My interest in R is mostly because we have a lot data at road.lk that I would like to look at through different eyes. I also have access to a lot of scrabble tournament data that need analysis. The latter can certainly be done most easily with python but to be a good it never does any harm to have a lot of different weapons in your Armoury. So it's 7:31 in the morning of August 7th. Lets start.


The first stop was the Coursera R lang course, but lecturers aren't my thing. So next stop was the Datacamp courses but they seem to be too trivial. Can't blame them cause their target audience probably isn't hard core programmers but data scientists. Next stop was the r-projects documentation, but that's where I got lost in the maze. There were too many to choose from. So as at 5:49 am in the 9th of August, I haven't gone anywhere. The fact that I couldn't devote my full attention to R didn't help either. So this is going to need another effort next week.