Rad Upload 4.10

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Last week we released a major update to Rad Upload. It's been a long time since the last release (too long to be honest). During that time the browser market placed had changed quite a lot. There were quite a few changes under the hood as well. . Some of those changes, along with changes in the java virtual machine (why hey named it Java 6 update 10 instead of giving it a proper version number is anybody's guess) lead to some irritating inconsistencies.

One of those annoyances was the proxy detection code breaking. We were in fact using some sun proprietary classes for proxy detection and that's something that's advised against in the API doc. At the time we had no choice cause browsers were reluctant to share proxy server information with applets. Fortunately java 5 onwards a new set of classes were made available that allowed access to proxy info but we never got around to rewriting the Rad Upload code to make use it. Till now that is.

In the process we also added digest authentication support for proxy servers - something that wasn't available in the previous version. Most proxies that support digest auth will support basic auth as well (what some people call .htaccess authentication but in the case of proxies there isn't an htaccess file (but there usually is an htpasswd file))

As always most people will be able to get the upgrade free of charge. The full change docs are here ....

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