Security Update? No thank you.


It's not often that I reboot my mac, so it wasn't until many weeks after the last mac security update was issued that I was prompted to install it. That stupid dialog only pops up just after you login unfortunately it doesn't have a 'Hell No' button caused I am most definitely not going to install any more mac updats if I can avoid it (yeah you are welcome to attack if you want (but I am beind a NAT and I usually work on my linux Desktop))

The last time I  updated it resulted in that notorious 'your network settings have been changed by another application' dialog popping up. It appeared at a most inconvinient time - when I was trying to get connected to the wifi link at a friends office. As thousands of others have found out before me, no amount of clicking on it will make the rediculous dialog go away. So I had no choice but to pack up and go home and get online with my Linux box to find the cure. What's the cure?

Go to Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration and delete the following (suggest make copies to the desktop first if in doubt): NetworkInterfaces.plist preferences.plist

The above remedy is not something I came up with on my own - i found it on a site - several sites in fact. It has plagarised so often that it's impossible to find the original source - so I am not going to give a link. The same update caused my father's bluetooth mouse to stop working - the update had effected his bluetooth preferences instead of the network preferences.
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