Submarine cables severed.

2008 Dec 20 at 13:19 » Tagged as :broadband, bartleet,

The net is crawling once again (as you can see from the stats below). For once I can't put the blame on my Internet Service Provider because a submarine cable (in fact several cables) have been cut off and traffic is being rerouted. Lankabell. My ISP usually relies on Flagtel the company that owns the cables that are effected now they are using the services of VSNL.

The cable being cut would probably explain the test against the speed test servers in the UK but why is it so slow to mumbai. That's because the idiots running the show at my ISP apparently send packets all the way to the UK and then back to India. That would explain why sites in east asia are also slow.

To travel to UK you would need to go in one direction and a completely opposite direction to get to KL. Because dialog broadband sends a lot of their traffic through KL, I suspect that they are not as badly effected as SLT and Lanka Bell.