The lady finally sings

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It aint over until the lady sings and she refused to do so because she wasn't so happy with the commenting system. Initially I had tried to use Disqus but it had an unspecified error while importing from wordpress. Then I tried to use intense debate. Using intense debate is kind of like going back to wordpress but it didn't happen cause their admin area is just pathetic. I simply could't find the javascript to embed into the template for use with Jekyll.  So it was back to disqus and the unspecified error this time wasn't there.  They probably had some site issues when I tried it out the first time.

Earlier I mentioned running across a plugin that did both categories and rss. Turns out that the RSS generated is for the  categories which I am not using a the moment and I am not sure if I want to add it either.  Besides Disqus comes with it's own feed for each comment thread so it's going to be very confusing to the visitor to figure out which RSS feed to subscribe to. The simple solution is to  just place a rss template file at the root level. Being lazy; I copied and pasted from this template.

Having done all this it was time to flip the switch - but on the photo blog. Yes, folks, all this time I have been concentrating on it because it's so much simpler and doesn't even have half the posts in this blog. The photo above is what it used to look like. Click through to the site, to see what it looks like now.

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