The trouble with mynt

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Even though I resolved to move away from wordpress late December, here I am typing yet another post into wordpress's all too familiar textbox. This is not the first time that I promised myself to ditch WP but this definitely will be the last. The reason that I am still stuck here is not for the want of effort.

After a long journey fraught with pitfalls, during which I looked at many different static blog generators ranging from Punch to Jekyll, I settled on Mynt. It's pitfalls were craftily hidden. The first problem is that mynt does not allow you to use the archive in anything other than the archive template. What the heck exactly does that mean? Well, can you see the archives side bar on the right hand side? that sort of thing is generated using the archive object in mynt. The trouble is that an individual post template does not have access to that object.

A temporary solution to the problem was to copy paste the html from the existing sidebar into the template, yes, that is hard coding, yes it will have to be manually edited once a month, and after a couple of months, I am going to tire of it completely. Even so I used this approach so that I can try to move forward, but after a few steps, I was in deeper. The new problem is that you cannot easily generate a monthly archive with mynt. It's capabilities are limited to generating yearly archives only.

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