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The previous attempt to install Tizen was abandoned because of all the errors that kept popping up. It turns out I had made an elementary mistake; a mix up of 32 and 64 bit binaries. Sorted out that mess and gave it another go. These are the steps installed. Install Oracle JDK

Why on earth Tizen insist on using Oracle JDK is a mystery why not use Open JDK. Let us not forget that Oracle is the company that files a law suite against the use of Java on the Android platform for god's sake

Install an ancient version of Eclipse.

Downloaded the latest and hottest version of Eclipse direct from the site because distro's repositories only have ancient versions. Well buddy you are going to have to go back to apt or yum or  whatever it is that you prefer to use and install that ancient version because Tizen refuses to work with Eclipse Juno.

You know that Tizen development is going to suck because Juno sucks and Eclipse 3.7 sucks even more (what the hell did they call that anyway? I have already forgotten)

Get the tizen installer

Having downloaded a 100 Mb JDK and a 300 Mb over your lousy over priced internet connection, you will no doubt heave a sigh of relief when you realize that the tizen downloader is just 3.5 Mb. Sorry to disapoint you my friend that's just an online installer the real download is 1.6Gb

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="628"]Tizen's loooong download Installing Tizen, a right royal pain[/caption]  
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