Toshiba L655D Toast

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Well, been an year since I had this Toshiba L655D, which was a replacement for my dead macbook. What replace a macbook with a Toshiba? yes. That's pretty obvious! Though I used to own a mac doesn't mean I am a fan boy. At the time the Toshiba was bought, it was more powerful than the Macbook and perhaps even more powerful than some models of MBP that was on offer. Yet the Toshiba was available for almost half the price of a Macbook.

Usually the story of my life is that computers, phone and other electronic devices usually die off immidiately after the warranty period has expired. Fortunately in this case the warranty still had a few weeks left to run; or so I thought. Toshiba online warranty checker told me that the warranty had expired six months earlier.

I immidiately contacted Amazon, who assured me that the warranty is still valid and that I should take it into a shop for repair. That in the case of Sri Lanka is John Keels Office Automation. When I took it there they said the warranty expiration was because I had neglected to register the darned thing. So I did and took it back and they accepted it. That was three days back, still haven't head anything from them. If you ask me, the problem is with the mother board. It's probably stewed

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