What Really Happens to Small Investors

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"I am going to invest 1.4 million rupees in the stock market which i got from selling JINS 40000 @ 20.30 and CSF 25000 @ 24.10 and i am confused about the current market. What do u think or recommend as good shares to buy?" - Post #29255 at the  Sri Lanka Equity Forum.

WOW!  In another post in that same thread she explains that she  "... bought JINS @ 15.20 and CSF @ 14.00 .so once they reached 20.30 and 24.10 i sold" by looking at the chart we can see that it took her just two weeks to make this profit. Flushed with success, she sees fit to give investment advice to others trading at the Colombo Stock Exchange:  

My prediction..... RICH will reach Rs 25 before next February reasons * Plantation will make more profit in the coming year * RICH super centers also performing well specially during April (1Q) and December (3Q) * Other subsidiaries are also good contributors to profit Objections are well come !

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  But she had first spoken about Richard Peries (RICH) and it's subsidiaries in an earlier post. So it's safe to assume that she had already bought into them by the time she started giving out advice.  

RICH = Rs 20+ is possible Most probably EPS is more than 1.2 KGAL = Rs 300 + is possible Because KGAL will show probably the best financial report for Q4 NAMU = Rs 160 + is possible .also heavily undervalued and will show great results as well

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  It's a bit unfair to accuse the traders selling plantation shares in May of being panic sellers. The results were out, they were bad and worse was to be expected. A week later, when the price had dropped from 230 to 198, she is still hoping and making wilder accusations and guesses.  

If you analyzed how KGAL price went down after results released you can understand somebody (1 or many) brought the price down by scaring KGAL share holders. So now they are collecting.... That's all Price will definetly go up with in few months... probably it will reach 300

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  Then for a while she speaks about other shares (which was can assume are the ones that she invested in bought. Then comes a real gem.

I also have CSF in my portfolio. I recently bought 125000 CSF avg price is 19.20 .. I still think they can turn the company around from lose making to a profit making...because they have shown an improvement but there is a huge risk...I also want to know their current position and the effect of right issue to the company and their future from experts here

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The person who was giving advice to all and sundry is now pleading for help. Having earlier invested only Rs 600,000 in CSF, she has now invested Rs 2.4 million into that same counter and has watched while it's value has fallen to 1.75 million. Judging by the other investments she made, it's clear that she has wuped out the 1.4 million profit made at the start and lost quite a bit of her capital as well. All this is stil paper loss. She can still hold on for a few years and recover her losses right?  

I had some bad shares to hold and i sold them at a loss. Now my PF is this KGAL 3000 @ 146 RICH [email protected] 12 COCO 6000 @ 65 CTLD 19000 @ 30 SAMP 7000 @ 245 CFVF 24000 @ 23

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