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Wouldn't it be nice if the monthly archives could be displayed in the form for a chart? Unfortunately there isn't a plugin to do that. Well at least there wasn't one till now. I have just created a very basic plug-in it still needs a bit more work so I am not going to release it just yet. It's made entirely of CSS and javascript and I was inspired to build it after stumbling into this : http://applestooranges.com/blog/post/css-for-bar-graphs/?id=55

Right now though the plugin is added to my wordpress installation and it powers the newly created archives page. I used to have an archives page earlier while with Movable Type (no there wasn't a chart on it). I couldn't find a way in Wordpress to create the exact same thing so it was not part of the blog till now.

Having a full archives page means I can shorten the lengthy and ungainly list of monthly archives in the side bar. Some times with short posts the side bars is even 5 times longer in length than the content area (or it used to be that way till now)

Update May 22, 2014: This site isn't powered by Wordpress now, but the plugin mentioned about vaporized long before that

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