Download Sample Code and jarfiles.


a quick look at FTP commands

Perl, Mysql and Blobs.

The case of the missing errors.

You can download sample code related to the discussion, you need to have a J2ME development enviorenment to compile them (eg. Sun Wireless Took Kit 2.0 or higher). Even though the midlets can be executed on the Nokia 6600, Some of these samples may not work on KToolbar

The source code in this zip archives contains:

The base class for all of the midlets used in this demo. It defines two utility methods for displaying application and error (exception) messages.

Retrieving a web page using the GET and POST methods.

A class that captures audio input - which sounds like 'Mickey Mouse' when played back. Audio data is saved in the RMS.

A class that captures audion input - which sounds like 'Mickey Mouse' when played back. Audio data is saved in the RMS.

Capture an audio clip in three different formats to determine what works best (turns out to be AMR).

Plays back audio data from the record store. This class is the counter part for the and classes.

Will attempt to capture video data from the phones camera (and will fail in the attempt because RecordControl is not support for capture://video)

Will try and (fail) to access the filesytem using the File Connection Optional Package of the GCF.

The zip file also contains the compiled binary (unsigned) jarfile and it's descriptor. You can deploy the demo directly on your mobile phone by pointing it at

If you are interested in configuring your webserver to deploy midlets this way, add the following lines to your apache configuration:

addtype application/java-archive jar
addtype text/ jad 
These directives can either be placed in the .htaccess file or the httpd.conf file, if you place then httpd.conf, apache has to be restarted.


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